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La Grange wins again

In the matter of Reagan v. Village of La Grange, 2018 L 4956, Plaintiff, while walking her dogs, tripped and fell on a deviation between sidewalk slabs located close to her home. The deviation was likely caused by tree roots from a parkway tree (a common occurrence and one that the Village cannot prevent without removing all of its parkway trees). After the close of discovery, we moved for summary judgment arguing that the condition would have been objectively “open and obvious” to someone using ordinary care. Further, we argued that the Village did not have actual notice of the condition and that there was no evidence regarding the length of time that the inconspicuous condition existed to charge the Village with “constructive” notice. Judge Kathy Flanagan agreed with both arguments and entered judgment in the Village’s favor. No appeal was taken. We are pleased with the Court’s application of the law and speedy disposition on the matter!