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Unnatural Accumulation Case abandoned after expert barred

Feb. 2019 – In the matter of Xiong v. Village of Clarendon Hills, Plaintiff, a resident of the Village, claimed that she slipped and fell on an “unnatural” accumulation of ice on the sidewalk near the Metra train station. To bolster her case, her attorney retained Frank Burg, a/k/a the SafetyMan, to opine that the Village’s failure to maintain its property was the proximate cause of the accident. Mr. Burg was ordered to give his business tax returns to confirm the amounts that he earned performing  similar expert work. After failing to provide them, he was barred from the case by the Hon. Brian McKillip (Ret). The entire case was dropped shortly thereafter.

We consider this a win and it was particularly sweet for Michael who resides in Clarendon Hills!