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Wrongful death federal civil rights lawsuit dropped

In March 2016, Courtney Copeland was fatally shot by an unknown assailant near the 25th District in the City of Chicago. https://abc7chicago.com/news/man-22-fatally-shot-near-northwest-side-police-station/1230626/. This unfortunate, but not uncommon, random act of violence in our city resulted in unnecessary litigation against three Chicago Police Officers. These three fine officers and the City of Chicago were vigorously defended by Michael Hartigan in the matter of Estate of Copeland v. City of Chicago, et al., 2018 CV 1596, filed in federal court. Before any depositions were conducted, this entire case was voluntarily dismissed by the Estate. It was clear that the officers were fully prepared to defend themselves and their reputations through verdict, if necessary. This was a win for the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department.

-MRH (11/07/2018)