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Village of Arlington Heights dismissed from a “muddy” case

Patrick O’Connor recently obtained summary judgment in the matter of Garcia v. Village of Arlington Heights. Plaintiff, Ray Garcia, filed suit for personal injuries sustained after slipping on a patch of mud while walking his dog. Plaintiff’s attorneys, Vrdolyak Law Group, argued that the Village and the homeowners were each responsible for failing to notice and remove this hazard. The Village and the homeowner were dismissed from this cause of action by Judge William Gomolinski (Ret.) who ruled that Plaintiff failed to show the the Village knew, or should have known, of this random slipping hazard and that there was not enough evidence to prove the the homeowner’s negligence was the cause of this accident. No post-judgment proceedings or appeal was taken. This was a slam dunk. We appreciate the assistance from the Village of Arlington Heights,(a new IRMA member) in obtaining this great result!