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10 Year Battle of Thorncreek Apartments, LLC v. Village of Park Forest Comes to an End

I vividly recall this case coming across my desk in April 2008 when my father, Hon. Russell Hartigan (Ret.), said that this was a case that I could “sink my teeth into.” Little did I know that these three consolidated federal civil rights cases would conclude a decade later. I conducted/presented witnesses in all twenty-three depositions, was the sole attorney responsible for responding to extensive e-discovery, filed/responded to cross-motions for summary judgment, filed/responded to countless motions in limine, second chaired a fourteen day jury trial, drafted and responded to post-trial motions, drafted/responded to fee petitions and was the sole attorney for nine appeals (six filed by Thorncreek, three by my clients). No paralegals or associate attorneys here at Hartigan & O’Connor where the assigned partner is truly the “lead” attorney. You can read more about this case in the Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter, Issue 37, Volume FFF (June 27, 2014).